Managed Services Program

Technology is always changing and, in today’s environment, your business can’t fall behind.¬†Archertech has you covered.

In partnership with D&S Communications, we can completely manage your business technology infrastructure, including cabling, telephony (broadband, local calling, LD, premise-based systems, cloud-hosted, mobile), computer networking, wi-fi setup and IP security. We will roll up as many services as your Archertech Managed Servicesbusiness needs into a simple monthly payment that includes hardware, services, carrier fees, maintenance and support. We provide a one-stop solution for communications and networking needs.

As part of a Managed Services package, we¬†can design, install and maintain your company’s network, whether at a single site or over multiple locations. Our strategic network design includes technology selection, transport protocol, topology recommendations and a forecast of future capacity demands. Our engineers produce working schematics of rack and hub layouts, wiring centers and cable plants, and engineering documentation for your physical, logical and operational network infrastructures. We provide hardware and software, supporting documentation, ongoing service, maintenance and upgrades. Installation is performed by our national network of friendly, certified technicians.