Acoustics Engineering at The Gage Chicago

Problem: Poor acoustics causing persistent din

The Gage, an upscale gastropub just across from Chicago’s Millenium Park, had an acoustics problem. Sounds echoing off the hard surfaces of its 115-year old building caused a constant, high-pitched hum throughout the restaurant  The problem got worse at busy times; the din grew louder as more and more people came into the restaurant.. Add music to the mix and you had a uncomfortable noise that prevented any conversation.

Solution: Custom acoustic retrofit

The Gage turned to Archertech to assess the problem and then engineer and deploy a solution.  The Gage knew that Archertech’s unique mix of sound engineers, technology experts, and building contractors would be more efficient and effective than hiring individual contractors to analyze the acoustics, fabricate the necessary sound paneling, and then balance the system.

Archertech quickly identified the problem, engineered a solution, and began fabricating the special materials needed to fix the building’s naturally poor acoustics.   As a hospitality provider, however, The Gage’s solution couldn’t just be technologically effective, but also seamlessly blend into the existing design.  To achieve this, we designed custom, fabric-wrapped acoustic panels that flawlessly matched the existing theme and colors of the room.


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